FAAST LT Case Study

In cold storage and beverage manufacturing, false alarms are a real issue - find out how we use the top products on the market to meet the clients needs no matter what the environment...

FAAST LT Case Study

12 May 2016

As a leading fire alarm installation and servicing company, we serve a variety of diverse industries, providing a comprehensive range of fire and security products, integration and ongoing support. Despite the differing conditions in the applications we serve, there is a common theme from customer requests, when updating systems; the ability to reduce false alarms, remove unnecessary process downtime, reduce maintenance and emergency call outs and achieve benchmark detection accuracy with an easy-to-use system.

Fire detection in cold storage

Two of the most challenging applications for fire detection are cold storage and beverage manufacture. Cold storage applications are prone to false alarms and faults resulting from temperature fluctuations and humidity fog. Processes within food and beverage manufacture create intensive maintenance needs and the risk of false alarms.

In such applications where all other detection methods fall short and false alarms and faults are hard to avoid without intensive maintenance and unnecessary process downtime, FAAST LT's aspiration smoke detection technology provides the ideal solution.

So what is FAAST LT? In basic terms, FAAST LT is an advanced aspirating system, designed with the installer and end user in mind,the device serves a wide variety of applications where maintenance is difficult, other smoke detection methods are inappropriate due to harsh environments, or areas where aesthetics matters.

FAAST LT aspirating systems

Our Technical Director, Mike Tobin, explains why FAAST LT was the best solution capable of meeting our client's needs. "We have a company philosophy at SAFE that we 'do it right or not at all' and FAAST LT is a fire detection solution that truly mirrors that ethos, enabling us to meet our client needs and add real value as a fire detection expert. The impressive capability of FAAST LT was ideal for our client's applications (a cold storage food produce facility and a beverage manufacture facility), and its result has enabled us to exceed our client's expectations and address all the issues they were encountering with their previous systems."

Gent by Honeywell Case Study on FAAST LT

Gent - a leading manufacturer of innovative and flexible fire detection and alarm products, wrote a full case study on the challenging demands we faced and having to use FAAST LT. You can find out more about FAAST LT, the challenging environments that demand it and more from Mike Tobin, in the Gent case study here.

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